Rates: Basis GGZ

Treatment in Basis GGZ
HELDER doesn’t have contracts with health insurers. Treatment costs are covered by Dutch health insurance, provided that a number of conditions are met. If you have health insurance from abroad, please check with your foreign health insurance.

In order to qualify for coverage by your health insurance, you must first receive a referral from your doctor. The GP refers to basis GGZ when they suspect for example  a diagnosis of anxiety or depression. You take this referral to your first appointment.

During the intake (generally 60 minutes), together we will draft a treatment plan together, estimating the number of sessions needed and the frequency of sessions.


Coverage health insurance
Depending on your policy, insurers will reimburse 70% ​​to 100% of the treatment costs. Always ask your health insurer how high their coverage is in your case. For Dutch health insurers you can look up their policy in this overview.

HELDER follows standard NZA (Dutch Health Council) rates.

From Januari 2023 the rates are €151,07 voor an intake of 45 minutes and €173,40 for an intake of 60 minutes. For any follow up session of 45 minutes the rate is €128,40 and €152,50 for a 60 minute session. Invoices are sent on a monthly basis and can be forwarded to your insurer for reimbursement. Your ‘eigen risico’applies at the beginning of each calendar year.  

Under Dutch law, each person must pay the insurer a yearly deductible for receiving medical care (‘eigen risico: 385 euros in 2023). This deductible also applies to psychological care, regardless of whether or not the practitioner has contracts with health insurers.

A free cancellation period of 24 hours applies to appointments during office hours that cannot be kept. For appointments in the evenings (from 6 pm), a free cancellation period of 48 hours applies. The No-show rate (if you have not canceled the session in time or don’t show up to your appointment without notice) is € 100.