Josja Eggen

I am a BIG (similar to UK HPC) registered GZ psychologist with 16 years of experience. In 2000 I graduated from the University of Amsterdam at the department of Clinical Psychology. I worked in research or a number of years in the United States and have been working as a health practitioner since 2004, seven of which as a Clinical Psychologist in the United Kingdom. After returning to the Netherlands in 2012, I was accredited as a GZ psychologist and worked at various practices in both basic mental healthcare and specialist mental healthcare. Due to my international study and work experience, I provide treatment in English and Dutch.

My way of working is eclectic. I draw on and apply several evidence based theories and treatment approaches in my therapies, for example cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), EMDR, short-term solution-oriented therapy, schema therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I also have experience with system therapy, mindfulness and narrative therapy.

My approach is result-focused and concrete. First we will analyze your problem, looking for the root of the problem and what is keeping it going. My role as a practitioner is to guide you from the sideline and help you to find your own solutions. Sometimes my approach can be very hands-on, sometimes it is insightful and focuses on uncovering underlying patterns, after which you learn to deal with challenges in a different way.

What can I help you with?
You can contact me if you regularly encounter difficulties in certain areas of life, for example work, social relationships, partner relationship or family, but also if you would like more insight into patterns that recur in your life. These difficulties can manifest themselves in psychological and sometimes also physical complaints.

Below are a number of psychological difficulties that I regularly see in my practice

  • Negative thoughts, depression
  • anxiety and panic, OCD
  • stress and tension
  • (medically unexplained) physical symptoms
  • insomnia
  • low confidence or low self-esteem, life phase problems
  • trauma and PTSD
  • grief and loss
  • gender issues
  • peri- or postnatal psychological difficulties
  • mild personality problems

I am a BIG registered health professional, I work according to the professional code of the professional association NIP and I am affiliated with the VEN (Vereniging EMDR Nederland), the LVVP and the NVGzP.

UPDATE as of 1/5/2020. There is currently an opportunity for new clients to sign up. There is a limited waiting time for intake (less than one month).