Do you have a complaint about your treatment?

It is best to discuss concerns regarding your treatment with us as soon as possible. It may be about
misunderstandings that can be resolved in a face to face conversation. If you feel unable to solve the problems
directly, you can use the NVGzP. They can appoint a mediator to guide the conversation. For more information,
visit the NVGzP website for the procedure.

If your complaint is so serious that mediation does not offer a solution, you can write to the NVGzP's complaints
committee. This committee consists of an independent chairman, a representative from the client organizations
and a member of the NVGzP. The complaint is then – in line with the Complaint Law Clients Healthcare Sector –
tested against the Professional Code for psychologists or the Professional Code for psychotherapists. The
Complaints Committee only makes statements and recommendations, but cannot take disciplinary measures. For
this you need to approach the disciplinary committee for health care. Check the NVGzP website for the